About The Project

Site-specific installation

The site-specific work “Landscape” continues to explore the themes started in the multi-media installation “Five Identical Landscapes”, but the location in the vast industrial coastal landscape of Malmö creates additional points to consider. This means the optimal position of the viewer becomes ambiguous.

The installation is constructed to create the feeling of a reversed inside/outside spatial arrangement. The outside here becomes the inside and vice versa. The exterior of the hut is painted dark blue to contrast with the white colour of its interior. The intention is to alternate the common experience of a darker indoors and a lighter outdoors. The setting invites you to come in and explore, but as soon as you enter, the position of the reversed canvases on the walls and the roofless rafters directs you back outside. The space hampers attempts to settle on a fixed viewpoint.

The position of canvases precisely corresponds with those of the mirrors outside, both, in their size and placement. The thin surface of the glass of the mirrors almost blends with the wall and from the distance creates a feeling a see-through window where the viewer is able to see the line of the horizon.

There is a choice for the viewer to reflect on the illusions and images presented in the installation or the realities and relationship of their own existence in the environment.


The Baltic Jubilee ’94. Art Festival of the Baltic countries.
City space, Malmö, Sweden. 1994

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