Here we present news in the form of a few images and/or words about recent works and things currently being developed, either as an addition to a project listed on the work to date page or as a nascent project not yet fully developed.

January Thought

Some New Year thoughts on new directions and new dimensions.

A New Photographic Collection

Time-Assisted Readymades added.

Here we present a collection of images of Man-made objects where time has reversed the primacy of functional purpose over the aesthetic quality of the artefact.

A fan of Readymades

In the Studio

A new series of drawings using a variety of mechanical drawing aids.

It continues to explore the topic of linear perspective as a method of visual representation, not as a tool to be used to enhance a depiction of reality, but as the subject matter itself. This allows consideration of the advantages and limitations of linear perspective from the contemporary point of view.

Both the use of multiple vanishing points and the deliberate choice not to represent a particular object or scene go against the traditional approach developed in the Renaissance period. Despite this the works can still be interpreted as a landscape as several potential horizons appear and sometimes disappear as a result of the particular grouping and spacing of the lines.

One particular mechanical aid used is a ruler, nevertheless the inevitable variation resulting from subtle changes in pressure applied and condition of the pencil, beyond the total control of the artist, distinguish the work from anything similar which might be produced by entirely mechanical or electronic means.

Mechanical Vantage Points on Red, 2021
Watercolour and coloured pencils on paper, 72 x 96 cm
Mechanical Vantage Points on Blue, 2021
Watercolour and coloured pencils on paper, 72 x 94 cm

Other Works

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