The Portfolios available for viewing cover two distinct periods, reflecting major phases of working. Up to 2008 the works are solely those of Anita Zabilevska (AZ), where she was active exhibiting internationally. Post 2008 there are further individual works by Anita Zabilevska (AZ), works by Paul Bizzell (ZZ) and collaborations between both.

2009-to date

In this period collaboration started between Anita Zabilevska (AZ) and Paul Bizzell (ZZ). AZZZA Limited was formed, which continues to act as a vehicle for commercial activity separate from but supporting art projects and other cultural interests. A wide variety of works were undertaken individually and together as well as photographic materials from both archives being collated and combined to form collections which can be seen here.
This section covers the most recent works, including ongoing projects.

Anita Zabilevska Exhibited Works 1993-2008

This section comprehensively catalogues the many successful art projects undertaken by Anita Zabilevska and the exhibitions in which they were included, amongst which was Venice Biennale in 1999. Many of the works were selected for display in multiple exhibitions. The venues included major international institutions, including Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin and Museum of Art Arsenals, Riga. The chronology of works and exhibitions is given here along with links to further details behind the main entries.

Photographic Collections

In this section we present collections of photographs, each collection having its own theme. They are selected from the archives of Anita Zabilevska (AZ) and Paul Bizzell (ZZ) taken over the years and assembled more recently. The collections and indeed the photographs themselves are intended to be a lens on the world, it’s nature and culture and are assembled with the idea of highlighting a particular idea or viewpoint, which is explored in each collection.